Simulation-based power analysis for adaptive control designs

This package includes functions for conducting statistical power analysis for conflict designs (e.g., Stroop, Flanker, LWPC, ISPC, CSPC, etc.). The approach uses Monte-Carlo simulation. Parameters for variability in base reaction time distributions are used to sample single-trial data from an ex-Gaussian distribution, using the rexgauss function from the retimes package (note: retimes was removed from CRAN. This package includes the necessary function from an archived version of retimes). The rexgauss function samples n observations from an ex-Gaussian distribution, with parameters mu (mean of a normal distribution), sigma (standard deviation of a normal distribution), and tau (exponent of an exponential distribution). See the article for examples.

Installation from Github

Make sure you have the devtools package installed.


Then, run in the console:



Crump, M. J. C., & Brosowsky, N. P. (2019). conflictPower: Simulation based power analysis for adaptive control designs. R package version 0.1.0

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