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I just updated the look and feel of this website. Have been making good use of the apple pencil since I got it. I made a new blog on my main page, but that is mostly not about pictures I make…I may just use that one to sometimes talk about the stuff here, or not, haven’t decided yet. Decisions, decisions.


Hmmm, I haven’t updated this blog since 2019!?! Maybe it would make sense to take this page down. Instead, I’m going to say that I got an apple pencil and have been messing around with Adobe Fresco. So, far so good.

Winnipeg 2019

A collaboration with Fiona Jamieson.

Cactus things

I’ve always wanted to come back to a series on cactus like things. I’ve always liked cactuses (cacti?). Mainly, because of how they grow out of themselves in interesting ways. The piece that started this direction I called “Orgplantic land” from the superland collection:

Even though I’ve put plant like structures similar to these ones in other paintings, I’ve wanted to make a whole bunch more. Just to see what they look like.

The newest example is called “Cactus growing out of itself”, which I made a month ago. Interesting for me to see how my color palette has changed over the years. Much more pastel. And, I got rid of the thick black lines.

I did a couple gouache and marker plant pieces, let’s see if I can find some of them:

What will the next cactus like thing look like? Only time will tell. I expect that as I progress, the cactuses will turn into spaceships that fly off into the distance, with a landscape of cactuses that are growing into spaceships, also with towns and hills, and mountains in the background, a sun somewhere, and possibly an ocean, with the occasional dinosaur, or blob like creature. I’ve seen this before somewhere, I just want to do the same thing differently.

Summer plans

2019-05-27, last compiled: 2022-05-22

I’m planning to do some painting this summer (2019). I guess I’ll blog about it to keep the motivation up.