Home page for the Computational Cognition Lab at Brooklyn College, run by Matt Crump

The Computational Cognition Lab at Brooklyn College of CUNY investigates learning, memory, attention, performance, and semantic cognition. We ask questions like how do people learn new skills such as playing an instrument or typing on a keyboard? How does memory work? How do people learn the meaning of words? How do people learn patterns and regularities in their environment? These kinds of questions are investigated using behavioral experiments and computational modeling of cognitive processes. The lab also uses a variety of computational methods and tools to conduct and communicate research.

Current and previous lab members include undergraduate, master’s , doctoral, and postdoctoral researcher associates. If you are interested in human cognition and using computational techniques for theorizing, running experiments, analyzing data, and developing new technologies then you may be interested in joining the team.

The lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Brooklyn College of CUNY, and affiliated with the Cognitive and Comparative Psychology Training area of the Psychology Doctoral program at the Graduate Center of CUNY.


Matthew Crump