Lab Members





  • 2016: Ashot Balayan, “Subjective Confidence in the Evaluations of Typing Speed:Testing the Self-Consistency Model”, Master’s Thesis
  • 2016: Michelle Villavicencio, “Aesthetic Preference in Dance Movement: Motor Fluency and the Mere Exposure Effect”, Master’s Thesis


  • 2022: Patrick Ihejirika, “Try and forget this image: The role of stimulus duration in directed forgetting for natural scenes”, Undergraduate MARC Honors thesis, Barry Goldwater Scholar
  • 2022: Kendra Scarlett Reynoso Moreno, Undergraduate CUNY BA Program
  • 2021: Austin Kaplan, “Explaining contingency judgments with a computational model of instance-based memory”, Undergraduate Honors Thesis
  • 2019: Mark Rayev, “Deception detection through word usage and word production time in typing”, Undergraduate Macaulay Honors
  • 2018: Walter Lai, Contributing author on “Instance theory predicts information theory: Episodic uncertainty as a determinant of keystroke dynamics”, currently completing a Masters in Data Science at Southern Methodist University
  • 2018: Rochelle Hall, Undergraduate REU
  • 2017: Chin Tan, “Examining cognitive control and information theory accounts of mid-word slowing in skilled typing”, Undergraduate
  • 2017: Marissa Scotto, Undergraduate REU
  • 2016: Niles Uy, “A twofold investigation into the nature of dual-task interference”, Honor’s Thesis
  • 2016: Ana Sanchez, “EEG and learning to type on a novel keyboard”, REU program
  • 2015: Shawn Lauzon, “Escape from the canyon: an objective measure of insight through convergent and divergent thinking”, Independent Study
  • 2015: Rebecca Colon, “Resource Demands of a Dual-Task Disrupts Skilled Typing”, REU program
  • 2014-2015: Elena Dominguez, “Explaining the list-wide proportion congruent effect”, “Reliability and precision of basic and manipulated flanker tasks”, MARC program, currently a Ph.D. Candidate at UCI
  • 2014: Michael Blecher, “False-recognition by test-induced priming for non-studied lists”, Independent Study
  • 2014: Niles Uy, “Is the flanker task reliable?”, Independent Study, went on to KU Leuven for a Masters in Statistics
  • 2013: Emily Paolillo, “The role of explicit and implicit knowledge in typing skill”, Honor’s Thesis. Completing a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology @ UC San Diego
  • 2013: Esthena Brutten, “Online investigations of contextual interference in motor learning”, Independent Study
  • 2013: Esthena Brutten, “Proportion congruent manipulations on Amazon’s mechanical Turk”, Honor’s thesis