Your final project is due during the 3rd week of May (final exam period).

Final Project: A tutorial on how to do X in R

For your final project you will create a tutorial about how to something in R. The final project gives you a chance to pursue any topic in the R universe and learn more about it. For example, you could choose to write a tutorial on any R package. If you are interested in solving particular kind of problems, you could write a tutorial on solving those kinds of problems.

Topic approval

Have your topic approved with Matt by the end of Spring break.

Part 1: Give a 5 minute presentation

As a part of your tutorial, you will give a 5 minute presentation to the class summarizing the tutorial. You will use the xaringan package to create your slide decks (powerpoint slides), and we devote one class after spring break to show you how to use xaringan.

Part 2: Write a tutorial

The main part of the final project will be fo you to write a tutorial exploring how to do X in R. You will write an .Rmd file, that explains the issue, and gives example code showing how to solve the issue, or approach the issue. The process of writing a tutorial is a great way to learn the issues at hand yourself.

All of the tutorials will then be compiled together in a web-book using the bookdown package (another class after spring break.)

I expect the tutorial to be comprehensive enough to demonstrate that you have delved into the topic. The length of the tutorial should be consistent with the length of a final paper in a typical content course.