We will be adding to this page as we go through the course.

R and R-Studio

R is a free open-source programming language that can be used for statistical analysis, data-simulation, graphing, and lots of other stuff. Another free program is R-studio, that provides a nice graphic interface for R. Download R first, then download R-studio. Both can run on PCs, Macs or Linux.

Additional R resources

  1. Google is great, Google your problem
  2. Stackoverflow is great, Google will often take you there because someone has already asked your question, and someone else has answered, usually many people have answered your question many ways.
  3. Danielle Navarro wrote a free Psych Stats textbook using R, it’s worth checking out (some of our textbook are based on Danielle’s)
  4. Danielle Navarro recently made this website for introducing R, it’s great, check it out (also made using this R markdown process): http://compcogscisydney.org/psyr/
  5. Check out my slightly older programming book that also introduces R https://crumplab.github.io/programmingforpsych/
  6. Another solid and accessible resource for psyc stats using R https://ademos.people.uic.edu/index.html.


  1. https://cran.r-project.org/doc/contrib/Short-refcard.pdf This link takes you to a reference card, that shows a big long list of intrinsic r functions.

  2. A really great and really long list of resources for R! https://paulvanderlaken.com/2017/08/10/r-resources-cheatsheets-tutorials-books/