L0: Getting Started

This is a general orientation for PSYC 2530, Fall 2022. Start here to learn more about how this course will work.

Matt Crump


August 24, 2022

Welcome to the orientation learning module for PSYC 2530. We will cover everything here and more on the first day of class. See you there.


  • quick course orientation
  • show you how learning modules will work
  • get you ready for the first week


Read the Syllabus

Read the syllabus for this course.

If you have questions about the syllabus, then please ask them on the blackboard discussion forum.



View the slides.


When you are ready complete the assignments in the getting started module on Blackboard. Both assignments are short and worth 2.5 points each (normally assignments will be worth 5 points each).

  1. Complete the getting started quiz (2.5 points)
  2. Complete the short writing assignment (2.5 points)

Submit your work before the due date posted on blackboard. Then, move on to the next learning module.