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This is the first content learning module for PSYC 2530.


  • Present an overview of Cognitive Psychology
  • Provide examples of primary research about cognitive abilities
  • Develop familiarity with reading primary research articles


Work through each of the following Read, Watch/listen, and Engage sections. You have the full week to complete any quizzes or assignments for this module.


Chapter 1: What is Cognition?

Overviews questions, methods, findings, explanations, applications and implications of cognitive psychology.

QALMRI method for reading primary research articles in cognitive psychology.

Reading time: 30 minutes



There are two mini-lectures for this module.

Lecture 1

Cognition Overview

html slides


30 mins


When you are ready complete the assignments posted on Blackboard for this module. Each quiz or assignment is worth points. Remember that you can do as many quizzes and or assignments as you want throughout the semester, up to 60 points. After 60 points, your work will count for up to 10 points in extra credit (see syllabus).

  1. QUIZ: Complete the L1: What is Cognition quiz (5 points, on blackboard)
  2. React to a very short article about what Cognitive Science can do for people (5 points, see instructions below, submit on blackboard)

Submit your work on blackboard. Then, move on to the next learning module.

What can cognitive science do for people?

Your assignment is to read a short article, and then write down your thoughts and reactions to the ideas expressed in the paper. Your written reaction should be at least 250 words.

Your assigned reading is:

Prather, R. W. et al. (2022). What can Cognitive Science do for people?. Cognitive Science, 46(6), e13167.

Link to paper

This paper is also available on blackboard. You can find it in the assignment for learning module 1.


  1. Download and read the paper
  2. Write down your reactions to the ideas in the papers in at least 250 words. Your reaction could include questions you had as you read the article, identifying and discussing topics you found interesting, your point view on the topics, and how these issues might relate yourself and society in general. These are only suggestions, feel free to explore writing what it means to react to this paper.
  3. At the end of your assignment, provide a recommendation and explanation for how many points out of 5 you should receive for completing this assignment.
  4. Submit your written work to this assignment posted on Blackboard.

This assignment is worth up to 5 points.