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Work through each of the following Read, Watch/listen, and Engage sections. You have the full week to complete any quizzes or assignments for this module.


60 minutes

Chapter 7: Information Processing

Describes cognition from the information processing tradition including processing stages, information, and capacity limitations, which became popular research topics around the 1950s and 60s.



There are two mini-lectures for this module.

Lecture 1

Part 1

Donders PRP



40 mins

Lecture 2

Information Theory Hick Hyman Law

same slides and pdf as above

50 mins


When you are ready complete any or all of the following assignments.

  1. QUIZ: Complete the L6: Information Processing quiz (5 points, on blackboard)
  2. Writing: (5 points, instructions below, submit on blackboard)

Submit your work before the due date posted on blackboard. Then, move on to the next learning module.

Hick-Hyman law

The textbook chapter discussed choice reaction time experiments and the Hick-Hyman law. Your writing assignment is to explain the following:

  1. Describe what the set-size effect refers to in a choice-reaction time experiment.

  2. Describe what the Hick-Hyman law refers to.

  3. Explain the repetition priming confound, and describe how repetition priming could explain performance in choice-reaction time tasks showing evidence of the Hick-Hyman law. (Hint review section in the textbook)

5 points